Are you Sober Curious?

Are you Sober Curious?

Do you often reflect over the role that alcohol play in adult, social life? Do you sometimes end up drinking at events because it is a habit rather than something you consciously choose to do? If the answer is yes then perhaps you are Sober Curious.

The term as coined by author Ruby Warrington, who wrote the book Sober Curious: “The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol.”, has become more understood in recent years along with the increased acceptance of abstaining from alcohol or people just choosing to cut down. There are many cases where consumers don’t feel the need to give up alcohol completely but they want reduce their intake and choose mindfully when they decide to drink alcohol.

Sober curious culture encourages a sober lifestyle, but welcomes individuals who aren’t ready to give up alcohol completely. It is not that long when choosing to abstain from drinking alcohol at a work event or private party would have been met with some level of resistance and perhaps pressure to drink. Luckily this has started to change in recent time and a lot of it is thanks to the non-alcoholic drink movement.

Today there are so many non-alcoholic drink options available from non-alcoholic beers, wine and spirits, that not drinking alcohol at an event should not exclude anyone from joining in. All adult consumers deserve the choice of a sophisticated adult drink even if they don’t wish to consume alcohol.

Events like Sober October and Dry January put extra focus on the topic of not drinking and again make it easier for people to “take the plunge” and go alcohol free for a period.

It is amazing what 30 days off the booze can do for your mood, sleep, skin and general health so many participants might decide to extend their break from alcohol.

So, if you like what you hear and are thinking of giving sober life a go but still need a little bit of encouragement here are our best tips to make it a success.

  1. Make a plan
If you are taking some time off from drinking you might want to have a look at your social calendar and consider what you have planned. If it includes events where you know that it would be difficult to avoid alcohol then you might want to reconsider or better yet bring your own non-alcoholic drinks along.
  1. Find your crowd

You know if there are people in your social crowd who would be more or less supportive of you taking a break from alcohol. Choose to spend your time with the people who would understand and support your decision rather than those who would just try to make you “just have one”.  

  1. Stock up with good non-alcoholic drink options

Despite the popular used term being - dry-January, there is no reason to go with an empty glass. There are so many great non-alcoholic drink options available these days that you should easily be able to substitute your favourite tipple and avoid the feeling of missing out.

  1. Give Mindful Brands a go   

So, if you made it reading all the way here it feels only appropriate that we finish of with suggesting giving one of our brands a go. Are you sober curious but still love a good mojito – try MARIE LAVUEA non-alcoholic rum alternative. Is whiskey more your kind of flavour then go ahead and order a bottle of CELTIC SOUL non-alcoholic whiskey alternative.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!